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Nationally, there are almost 5 million English Language Learners enrolled in school-based programs, 85,000 of which are in Arizona. A lack of qualified teachers, coupled with commonly held dispositions, make educating these students one of the biggest challenges facing the public-school system today.

This suite of modules will highlight why teachers need to rethink roles in light of this growing subpopulation and explore ways to modify lessons to address the needs of ELLs.

Developed by Experts

Our modules use content developed by leading experts in Second Language Acquisition and Bilingual Education and are grounded in Stanford University’s Key Principles for ELL Instruction.

Supports Current Standards

Our modules support Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, which call for a greater demand for written and oral discourse.

Applies to any Grade Level

Our modules are designed for coaches and educators to use with any grade, content area, and language proficiency level.